Five underappreciated gaming characters

One of gaming’s fascinating aspects is that we are introduced to all sorts of weird and wonderful characters.

There are a plethora of heroes and villains, but what of the characters you meet along the way – the people and creatures who play a vital role in the bigger picture, but don’t always get the credit they deserve.

Here we explore some of those characters:

– Nigel West Dickens (Red Dead Redemption)

John Marston may have been the star of the show in ‘Red Dead Redemption’, but con-artist and crook Nigel West Dickens had a big impact on the game. Dickens provided a lighter side to the story and was a central figure in helping Marston achieve his objectives. Yes, Dickens, who was also known as ‘The Snake Oil Guy’, was seedy as hell, but he brought a different light to the game, over and above the moody Marston’s stellar performance.

– HUNK (Resident Evil)

Not many characters get out of the ‘Resident Evil’ franchise still standing, but HUNK is one of them. While he may be cold, silent, and devoid of emotion, he is an incredibly ruthless operative, and adds more to the game than many think – except a name, we don’t know his real name. When it comes to someone that you want fighting by your side, look no further than HUNK. This guy is severely underappreciated.

– Victor Sullivan (Uncharted)

Some people may disagree here, but I don’t think Victor Sullivan has got the full credit he deserves from fans over the years. ‘Sully’, as he is affectionately known, is overshadowed by Nathan Drake in the ‘Uncharted’ franchise, so it is only fair that he is thrust into the limelight that he deserves. So often the glue that held the games together, Sully is everything you want in a confidant and the type of character which bubbles under the surface in games, but actually makes the bigger picture that much more entertaining.

– Father Grigori (Half-Life 2)

Gordon Freeman would not have survived if it were not for Father Grigori. Freeman was guided through Ravenholm by Grigori in ‘Half-Life 2’. While he came across as friendly and a man of the cloth, Father Grigori was actually a viscous killer who would stop at nothing to ensure the survival of those in his presence. Father Grigori deserves major credit for his work with Freeman – and his skills with ‘Annabelle’, his hunting rifle.

– Coco Bandicoot (Crash Bandicoot)

As is often the case when it comes to siblings, one will outshine the other. However, in this particular case, that is extremely unfair. Yes, Crash Bandicoot is the main character in the franchise of the same name, but Coco added a refreshing dimension to the series, with some even saying she saved the franchise from becoming stale. Coco is also highly intelligent and spirited, and we believe she deserves a lot more credit.

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