CS:GO Autumn Cup

Qualifiers: 18 March, 2017
Main event date to be confirmed
The Mega8 CS:GO Autumn Cup 2017 is our first CS:GO tournament for 2017. The qualifiers for the tournament will be run on the weekend of 18 March and there will be 16 spots available for teams to sign up. The qualifiers format will align with the international CS:GO format, the Swiss System. Teams will have to win three games to qualify for one of the final 8 spots in the main event. All the games will be broadcast with professional casters accompanied by an expert panel to analyze every play. The tournament broadcast will go live from our studio in Johannesburg at a date to be confirmed.

The event will run over the course of the weekend and will be streamed through two simultaneous channels on the Mega8 YouTube Gaming channel. The opening games will run parallel to each other and will be available to watch so you don’t miss any of the action. So come along and support your favourite local CS:GO team and let’s grow eSports in South Africa together, for the gamers.

Prize Pool

The total prize pool will be R50 000.


Teams will be announced after qualifiers.


Fixtures will be available when the tournament is underway

Where to watch

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