What’s new in FIFA 18?

FIFA 18 is almost here, folks. We can almost taste it (what, you don’t lick your discs?).

While one or two mixed reviews of the game have surfaced in the past week, nothing is going to stop the juggernaut that is the FIFA franchise.

It is a franchise which is loved across the globe, and we in South Africa are no different – especially as we get to play eSports tournaments using the game!

The allure of the game always overshadows the naysayers and PES fanboys (we like both games, before you shout at us), but what exactly can we expect from the latest installment in the franchise?

We take a look at five additions to the game ahead of its release next week:

– New Movement And Finishing Animations

This sounds interesting. So will we be able to score even more types of goals and will it look good in the process? The previous games became a bit stale in terms of the types of goals you scored on a regular basis, so this sounds very promising. “More fluid striking and heading of the ball” is the line being pushed by EA Sports. Bring it on!

– All-New Crossing Controls

Good. The crossing has been one-dimensional for too long. EA Sports promises “whipped to the spot, arching deliveries, and pinged crosses to the back-stick”. Add this to the new movement and finishing animations and it looks like some true-to-life goals will be scored in FIFA 18. Can we get our copy already!

– Real Player Motion Technology

While we have seen players moving more like their real-life versions in recent editions of the game, Real Player Motion Technology is said to take that aspect to the next level. We have been promised Cristiano Ronaldo will move and feel just like the real deal, but that doesn’t stop with the Real Madrid man. Loads of other players will be exactly the same. Sweet!

– Realistic Team Styles

While we all want to see the players imitate their real-life versions, the same can be said for how the teams play as a unit – and it seems we are getting that in FIFA 18. According to the official website of FIFA 18: “From tiki-taka to high press, new Team Styles put the most recognised tactics of the world’s best clubs on the pitch in FIFA 18.” This should be interesting.

– The Matchday Package

Much of what makes FIFA so impressive is the licencing and match experiences. This has been taken up a notch in FIFA 18. “Authentic sun positions, cinematic atmosphere grading, signature pitch-side fixtures, on-pitch debris, club and stadium specific banners, adaptive commentary, and changes in pitch quality all come together to bring the most immersive football experiences to life.” Now that sounds tasty – even tastier than the disc itself!

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