Mega8 Issues Follow Up Statement on Goliath-Sinister Controversy.

Following an earlier statement regarding the annulled match between Goliath Gaming and Sinister5 in the Mega8 Pro 16 Dota 2 League, Mega8 has released a subsequent statement after completing discussions with both teams involved.

Firstly, while Mega8 did notify the players who departed from xTc Esports and The Goon Squad that they were ineligible to compete in the Mega8 Pro 16 Dota 2 League, and while the statement was put up on the website and social media channels, it was not sent directly to the teams.

This was an unforeseen circumstance as it was unexpected that an ineligible player would then mask their identity to sub for another team.

Nevertheless, the teams were not notified directly about the ineligible players and we commit to communicating directly with the teams in future around player and team changes.

Furthermore, it is Mega8’s position that participating teams need to know who is playing for them, especially when it comes to subs. In future, teams not knowing who is playing or subbing for them will not be deemed a justifiable position should an ineligible player be used.

Finally, all cases of players masking their identity in future will be viewed in a most severe light by Mega8.

Mega8’s position on these issues will be covered in an updated ruleset which we will release in the near future.