Three games we are amped for in 2018

The actual release of a game aside, the most exciting part of a new title has to be the anticipation and hype?

It is an emotional experience waiting for a game you really want to play, digesting every piece of information available – and then finally getting your hands on it.

There are three such titles we are super amped for in 2018, so lets take a look:

Red Dead Redemption 2

Not much needs to be said about this title, other than it is going to be an instant classic. ‘Red Dead Redemption’ was an incredible gaming experience, so we are expecting the sequel to be on another level. Throw in 4k graphics, and we are in for a treat and a half.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season

The success of the television show has given these titles a major boost, but it is more about the incredible storylines and interesting journeys that players go on which make these games special. The final season is expected to be thrill-a-minute, so hold on to your hats and get ready to fend off those zombies.

Darksiders III

The ‘Darksiders’ franchise has seen huge success over the years. When it comes to hack and slash titles, few are better than ‘Darksiders’, and it is anticipated that ‘Darksiders III’ will break many records upon release. We simply cannot wait for this to hit market.

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