#ThrowbackThursday – Donkey Kong

Join us as we take a trip down memory lane and remember the classic that is ‘Donkey Kong’.

Name: Donkey Kong

Genre: Arcade / Platform

Release Date: 1981

Developers: Nintendo

What was it all about?

‘Donkey Kong’ is seen as the original platform game, even though there was no term for the genre at the time in 1981. The game itself was quite simple to play in terms of the controls, but became more and more difficult as you went along, despite having just four stages.

What was required of players was to control Mario/Mr Video/Jumpman (all names acceptable) up a series of platforms/structures while dodging barrels being thrown by Donkey Kong himself, as well as fireballs, cement pans, and springs. Essentially, it was all about timing your jumps with Mario and being incredibly patient. As mentioned before, the game only had four levels, but in order to complete all of them, the player needed to sit tight and wait for the right opportunities to keep ascending.

The game also involved one of the gaming world’s earliest romances, as Mario/Mr Video/Jumpman’s ultimate goal is not just to defeat Donkey Kong, but to rescue Pauline from the giant ape.

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Best part about the game?

The best part of the game has to be the fact that the game is really challenging. It is a true test of a gamer’s patience, timing, and skill levels. Yes, it looks easy and a little juvenile on the surface, but it actually requires a lot of practice and immense skill to complete the game. The challenge laid down by ‘Donkey Kong’ is essentially what a lot of developers looked to as games evolved. We have a lot to be grateful to ‘Donkey Kong’ for.

Oh, that little speech bubble showing Pauline’s cries for help was also pretty cool, as it made you panic even more in sticky situations. As was Donkey Kong’s smirk when Mario met his maker.

The game in pictures…